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Wikipedia Writing Services

Our team of Wikipedia experts, talented writers, and editors provide efficient, high-quality articles in just a few days and at just the right prices.

We create and maintain Wiki pages for our clients and offer the full range of Wikipedia page creation services.

Wikipedia Writing Service

The Wikipedia Writers for Hire team provides writing, publishing, and editing services for Wikipedia pages. A Wikipedia writer will be responsible for writing and revising the page throughout the content cycle.

Our Wikipedia professionals are adept at Wikipedia page creation services and can manage a Wikipedia page and account for you.  A dedicated Wikipedia page creator and manager can be assigned to your existing pages as well.


Our Wikipedia translation services can help your Wikipedia draft to convert in any language which is suited for a global audience. You can choose from the 302 languages you want to convert your Wikipedia page into.

Our Wikipedia editors can edit, revise, and resubmit your existing pages for better chances of approval.

Content Updates

Our services include revisions and updates as the Wikipedia writers re-write page content at multiple intervals.

Page Monitoring

Our team provides page monitoring services to ensure quality assurance and to avoid misuse of the page by other Wikipedia users.


Why Wikipedia?

You need to get your brand a Wikipedia page. Why? Because it’s the biggest free online encyclopedia!

Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger created Wikipedia in 2001 as an open-source platform for anyone on the internet. The Wikimedia Foundation now owns the platform that continues to be the biggest source of information on the internet today.

Here are some fun facts about Wikipedia that you should know:

  • Wikipedia has an archive of more than 55 million articles written over the last twenty years.

  • Wikipedia users upload an average of 566 articles per day.

  • 280,000 editors monitor the contents of each of these articles.

  • 1.5 billion Devices drive traffic to Wikipedia articles.

  • Wikipedia is one of the ten most-visited sites across the globe.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means you have an untapped reserve of potential clients out there, and you can promote your brand through one of the most accessed sites on the internet. Having your own page can be a game changer.

You can get more business and reach more clients if you can get Wikipedia pages. But that’s only if have a really good Wikipedia page.

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How We Work?

Interested in getting a Wikipedia page? We can handle that for you. Our work process looks a little like this…

It all starts with an order. You can submit an order through the form. We will review the order, and our Wikipedia specialist team will get back to you within a 24-hour time period.

Our Wikipedia editor will then discuss the desired specifications of the project and implement them in the next steps.  

Once an order is confirmed, the writing team begins research for the draft. They look up third-party sources and skim Wikipedia to ensure the page will be notable.

An authorized writer in our team then takes the researched data and sources and writes a first draft of the page with the necessary elements of Wikipedia company pages.

Once the writers compile a draft, the editorial team will vet, edit, and proofread the page. The page will then be sent back to you for final approval.

You can request unlimited revisions for the page until a final draft is finally approved and sent in for the last round of editing.

The last round of editing allows quality assurance and maintenance of Wikipedia standards.

Editors ensure the citations, page formats, type-setting, and page content are all in good shape before the page is submitted for approval.

Next, our Wikipedia page creator will create a page on Wikipedia and submit the page content for approval.

The team will then await approval from Wikipedia for a period of time. Once approved, the page will be up for the world to see.

Our services extend beyond the initial page submission. We can even have our Wikipedia experts look after your page content.

The page may need revision in case of major updates for the brand/company or if the page is changed by other Wikipedia users.

A company or brand will obviously have more milestones as time progresses, and your Wikipedia needs to reflect these changes.

You can hire our team to update your page regularly or at set intervals so that your clients get updated facts about your activity and a continuation of your brand story

What Makes a Good Wikipedia Page?

There are several elements you need to create a stellar Wikipedia article for your brand or company. Official Wikipedia editors will look for these elements and reject articles if absent.

A Profile​

Every Wikipedia article starts with a short paragraph of around two lines that conveys general information about the company. It needs to be pithy, summative, and impactful.

Brand / Company History

Here’s what the page is actually for--a detailed history of the subject, its evolution up till the current moment, and the people or corporate entities involved in the history.

List of Notable Milestones​

A simple history does not make for a good Wikipedia page. All companies and brands need to list their notable milestones or accomplishments, including record profits or awards.

The Right Sources​

Wikipedia’s editors are eagle-eyed about citation. A Wikipedia profile needs to have good, reliable; third-party sources cited and listed.

The Right Tone​

While a Wikipedia page can be a good form of content marketing, it cannot be an advert. Wikipedia editors are very strict about the tone of writing and insist on informational articles. To incorporate these elements, you need Wikipedia writers who know what they are doing.

Who Needs Professional Wikipedia Writers?

Wiki pages help people get to know you on the internet and widen your reach. But who is it really for?

Our content writing services work best for:

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Why Do You Need a Wikipedia Page?

Most brands stick to social media and brand websites as their online strategy. But that’s most brands—and you don’t want to be most brands.

A more dynamic online strategy is to create a Wikipedia page and put up a comprehensive profile of your brand/company’s history. It can lead to successful branding and better web traffic.

Here’s what happens when your Wikipedia page goes up…

Wikipedia’s the best way to introduce yourself to a prospective client since a Wikipedia page makes companies more credible and turns them into authentic online sources.

You could be a company or a personal brand, either way, you need to get the word out that you exist. 43 million people use Wikipedia per day. You’re bound to get noticed.

The first step of any marketing strategy is to raise brand awareness and a positive brand image. What better way is that than to use the world’s most used encyclopedia?

A Wikipedia page can have a complete historical account of the company or brand. This is a great marketing opportunity to invest people in the brand story.

Wikipedia is a site with high domain authority and is one of the top search results on Google 56% of the time. In fact, it’s on the first page in 99% of searches when you use a search engine.  

The encyclopedia’s one of the platforms where you can immediately improve your credibility and your ranking on search engines.

Wikipedia pages as an SEO and content marketing strategy will ultimately result in your end goal: more people checking out your website.

With more web traffic, you get more conversions and higher revenue. Research shows that SEO maturity strategies have improved business revenue by 60% in organizations.

Nee A Wikipedia Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Wiki writers are specialists hired to work on a Wikipedia article. They provide a form of content writing service to ensure improved online visibility for their subjects and clients.

Our writers work in tandem with a Wikipedia specialist team to deliver the best in Wikipedia content writing.

A Wikipedia page can be disapproved by Wikipedia editors because the article is of a lower quality, the article is not notable, and the poster has a conflict of interest.

To get to the bottom of the issue, you need a Wikipedia consultant or expert to take over. If needed, our Wikipedia editor can revise and resubmit your page.

You can start by clicking on this link and fill the online form. In just a few steps, you can submit a request for Wikipedia writing services, and our team will be happy to help you write a page.
Yes, you can hire us. In fact, you should hire us; a self-submission may not be approved by Wikipedia. Luckily, our Wikipedia page creation service is just a click away.

You need to consider an experienced writer who has a previous record of writing Wikipedia pages. Ask to review a sample of their work and make sure the article has credible sources.

If you’re looking for professional Wikipedia experts, there are some great ones right here.

Why Do You Need Us?

We’re pros. Our Wikipedia experts know the entire online spectrum of the Wikipedia process, and they know Wikipedia editors. They know what works and what doesn’t.

In fact, they are the only ones for the job. Wikipedia is against companies writing and submitting their own pages as it presents a conflict of interest.

A third party—like us—is allowed to do Wikipedia page creation and content writing because there is no conflict of interest. This is why companies often look to a Wikipedia writing service to get pages approved.

That’s another thing: Wikipedia has a stringent set of rules for page approval. Wikipedia articles also need to thorough editing, proofreading, revision, promotion, and updates.

Companies may think that they can add Wikipedia pages successfully on their own. It’s a free encyclopedia, after all, right?

It might not be the best strategy. Here’s what can go wrong:

  • The company can use the wrong citations, type settings, or formats.

  • The company’s page would not be approved by Wikipedia editors.

  • The company has an approved page but does not update the page after submission.

  • Getting a Wikipedia page to the finish line is hard work; it’s specialized work.  It’s why you need us, and it’s why we’re here.

You can trust a Wikipedia writer to:

Follow Guidelines

Wikipedia guidelines state that page content must be notable, with verifiable, credible sources, and without conflicts of interest. Wikipedia also does not allow back-linking to commercial websites as advertising.

Only a Wikipedia writer can then get your page up without a hitch by making your brand notable, citing carefully, and following all Wikipedia rules.

Follow Guidelines


Wikipedia frowns upon pages with sparse sources, plagiarism, or copyright violations. A page also only gets approved if it is notable—non-repetitive, and verified through reliable secondary sources.

A Wikipedia writer researches, cites, and writes the Wiki page to avoid all or any of these mistakes for a successful page approval.  


Wikipedia writers work their magic through the writing and the formatting. Non-experts will struggle with the formatting and type-setting rules for the page text and citation.

Our expert writers, however, will get the job done. A Wikipedia page is only as good as the format and layout the reader can see.


Update Content

You would think that the work stops when the Wikipedia article goes up, but Wikipedia is an organic, dynamic source of constantly evolving information.

Your pages need updates, especially as your company grows. An expert Wiki writer knows how and where to revise a Wikipedia article to reflect brand evolution.

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Our team of Wikipedia experts, talented writers, and editors provide efficient, high-quality articles in just a few days and at just the right prices.


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