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How To Create A Wikipedia Page

One of the biggest encyclopedias online, Wikipedia allows users worldwide to add content, edit it and have intellectual conversations over a range of topics. You can have a conversation about editing or the topic at hand.

If you are just browsing through you can find factual information.

This website may not be the ideal resource for academic research, but it links a ton of books, journals, and newspapers to its pages. The website currently has over 59 million articles, with English articles reaching 6.5 million. The website has over 244 million web pages and over 2 million images. The pages on Wikipedia are classified according to categories. Each article appears only once in the system, which makes it easy to locate. Categories form a hierarchy where the parent has many sub-categories. If the article appears under the parent, it cannot appear under any sub-categories, which avoids duplication.

Wiki has set out guidelines and policies on how an article, page or category can be added to their website, all of which can be summarized in five fundamental pillars:

  1. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia: which makes its tone very formal and content informative.
  2. Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view: there is no one ‘truth.’ All points of view are welcome and equally entertained once verified.
  3. Wikipedia is free content that anyone can use, edit, and distribute: the content can be shared, copied, and edited indefinitely without being called plagiarism.
  4. Wikipedia’s editors should treat each other with respect and civility: writing and editing is a tough job, and people like to own their edits. However, due to the free nature of the platform, conflicts of points of view can arise. Use the platform’s arbitration services to settle differences.
  5. Wikipedia has no firm rules: the guidelines and policies at Wikipedia can change from time to time. If a policy makes it difficult to improve or maintain Wikipedia, ignore it, but don’t be reckless.

Why Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Business?

If nothing else seems to convince you, maybe over 1.3 billion users of Wikipedia will help put things in perspective. Having your business Wikipedia page on this website means more referrals and conversions. In addition to that, it is the easiest way to create a basic history and background information page about your organization and add as many articles on top pf that. It will help potential customers see your organization as a credible and established company.

In this article, you will find a step-by-step method to create your own Wikipedia account and, from there, your own page.

Steps To Create Your First Wiki Page

Do some Background Work

Not every organization gets to create their pages on Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, your organization must be ‘notable‘ to be approved. Wikipedia considers no organization notable by default; hence, it is upon the organization to prove it. Wikipedia considers companies notable when they have been the subject of significant coverage by multiple reliable secondary independent sources. Unfortunately, being famous doesn’t count. You will be considered only if several reliable sources have quoted you and published about you.

If your business is not featured by independent sources yet, first work on getting featured. Writing a guest post in your name on an independent site is not considered an independent source. Ensure you are interviewed, mentioned or quoted by other media sources exclusively.

Create your Account on Wikipedia

As you work on becoming notable, you can create an account on Wikipedia. All you need to do is fill out the following form,

Create your Account on Wikipedia

You will be redirected to your user page .

Work on Other Pages Before you Create your Own

Before you can add your own page to the thousands of pages on Wikipedia, you need to build some credibility within the community. Start editing pages and engaging within the community. Check for the factuality and reliability of the information. Having a good editing record will get you past the editing process quicker. Editing other pages will also familiarize you with Wikipedia’s editing policies and the the jargon across the website and build you a community.

Research to Make Sure you are Creating Authentic Content

You love your business and want to create an article about it so bad- but what if someone already did you the favour?

Perform extensive research using the search bar to see if your business is already the topic of some article on Wikipedia. Collect all such articles. They will help you create useful internal links.

Additionally, maybe someone created the exact article you were looking to create. Now all you need to do is edit this blueprint and add details. It will be easier than launching a new article entirely. Add links to other articles (if any) to enrich the article.

Draft your Page

Once you are sure your topic hasn’t been covered yet, you need to look for all the resources that will support your topic and add valuable insight. These could be books, journals, newspaper resources and a host of internal links that can add validity to your article.

Next, create an outline and write your draft. You can use company templates or the biography template. Both these templates provide you with a basic and familiar outline to provide information about your organization. If you are writing an article requiring a different breakdown, ensure each section can be identified easily. You can look up scores of articles on Wikipedia to find something familiar.

Pour in all your research, links and content in your draft. Do not aim to make it perfect just write everything down. Add citations to the content and any internal and external links to enhance the credibility of your content.

Remember, Wikipedia is free, but it has certain rules. One of them being its impartiality. Ensure your tone is free from marketing jargon and provides information rather than gloats about your business.   

Optimize it so it can be Found

Once your draft is ready, you will need to optimize it before uploading it. Add long and short-tailed keywords that bring in traffic to your page. Format your blog post in short, digestible chunks free of overly complicated words. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, but its readers are regular people who are not looking for academic content. Avoid adding content that makes your business look too technical and less approachable.

The next option is to play with the default nofollow link option provided on English Wikipedia. Despite them doing nothing for your site’s DA, these links are still clickable. You can add credible links that revert back to pages on your business website, which will become a secondary source of constant traffic for you.

Proofread it and Upload

Once you are happy with your content, read it and re-read it. Proofread for errors and cut down any areas you think may not be approved based on the guidelines for your category.

If you fail to follow the guidelines, there is a high chance your content will be outrightly rejected. However, minor mistakes are usually sent back for review.

To submit your article, open the Wikipedia Article Wizard page, add your content and submit.

Proofread it and Upload
Wait for it to be Reviewed

Many articles need to be edited daily, and you may not have the perfect article, to begin with.

The review process can take anywhere from a few to 6 months to complete. Once your article reaches acceptable standards, you will be given the go-ahead, and your article will appear on the website.

Improve and Monitor your Page

The next step is being ready to accept edits. Yes, this may look tougher than it sounds. You may have competitors or well-wishers who may have a few things to add or change. A good rule of thumb is to keep an eye out, making sure your page is in top form.

You can do this by hiring a professional who can look after your page. You can also assign the job to an employee from within your organization. However, as your page is searched for more and more, you will need to ensure it has the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Building a Wikipedia page does three things for your business:

  • It sends traffic to your site linked to it
  • It helps you optimize your linked site
  • It helps you build credibility by being part of an encyclopedia

Wikipedia is growing exponentially and is being referenced by people for basic information across multiple languages. Due to its policies, it is heralded as a website with high-quality information. No matter where you stand today as a business and what your marketing goals may look like, getting your business page on Wikipedia maybe sound a little complicated, but it will be worth the effort and time you put into it.

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