Step-by-Step Guide To Create a Wikipedia Page for a Person

Most people know about Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia where anyone can share information on various topics. This includes things like the biography, research articles, Business Wikipedia page.

However, not everyone realizes that it’s not easy to get an article accepted on Wikipedia. So, should you try to create a Wikipedia page for a person? Yes, but there are some important conditions to consider.

  • The person invented or have developed a notable changing in his/her industry.
  • The persons creation has been covered by Wikipedia’s recognize sources. Wikipedia editors use a “notability” test to decide if your subject deserves a Wikipedia page, and passing this test is a must for publication.

Wikipedia’s criteria for notability might be different from your own. If the person has made a significant contributions is well known for example (like a famous, singer, business man, doctor, politician, and actor. Etc.)

You need a unique story or angle to stand out. To be considered notable

You need to make a case using sources that Wikipedia recognizes to explain why your entry deserves a spot in a global encyclopedia.

6 Steps to creating a Wikipedia page

Creating a Wikipedia page involves a few steps. Here is a step-by-step guide to create a Wikipedia page for person.

1. Notability assessment:

It’s better to do notability assessment before creating a Wikipedia page. You need identify sources that are talking about the person you are looking to create the Wikipedia page. Note: Make sure that sources should be Wikipedia recognized source. Note: There should be at least 7 to 9 sources that you can cite.

2. Story Creation:

Next step is to draft the person’s biography and make sure to follow all the standards of Wikipedia biography guidelines to ensure the structure of the draft is well written according to the standards.

3. Create an Account:

Sing-up on Wikipedia and create account since registered users can only create a Wikipedia page.

4. Article Creations:

Find the person’s name in the search area of the Wikipedia. Below is the example

Article Creations
After typing the name click the search button you will get an option which says “You can create a draft and submit it for review“ below is the reference.

5. Submission for Review by Wikipedia Editors:

Once your page is ready, submit it to Wikipedia for review. This process might take a few days, weeks, or even longer.

6. Conclusion:

Crafting a Wikipеdia pagе that outshinеs thе compеtition is not just a task; it’s an art. By adhеring to guidеlinеs, conducting еxtеnsivе rеsеarch, and prеsеnting information with finеssе, wе crеatе a digital lеgacy that stands hеad and shouldеrs abovе thе rеst. Join us in sculpting a Wikipеdia prеsеncе that commands attеntion and lеavеs a lasting imprеssion.

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