How to Get a Wikipedia Page Approved

A lot of times, getting a Wikipedia page approved proves to be laborious, yet it is still within your grasp when you know the proper way. This guide will take you through the steps you need to be able to get your Wikipedia page approved by meeting all the requirements.

Making Wikipedia's Notability Criteria Easier

Wikipedia requires that subjects pass specific notability requirements. These notability requirements generally have to do with sufficient coverage from reliable, independent sources. In this case, by reliable it generally means reputable papers, and, in particular for this case, it can be newspapers, and magazines, along with academic journals.

Steps to Get a Wikipedia Page Approved

1. Find and Collect Credible Sources

You should have everything you need to cite and verify gathered together before you even start to write. You need to have several reliable independent sources that have made substantial coverage of the subject. Such sources will be useful when attempting to verify the notability of the subject, and in support of the information on the page.

2. Sign Up

You can certainly edit Wikipedia without logging in, but creating an account has its benefits. You want to be able to keep track of your contributions and contact other editors at will. However, it’s one of the most important features of an account, besides the extra tools and functionalities for editing; you have a community account.

3. Write Your Post

Use your gathered sources to write the draft of a Wikipedia entry in your sandbox—the back room of Wikipedia, a private place for posting articles before making them live. Ensure your entry is in a neutral point of view and can be verified, clear, and concise, and avoid promotional language.

4. Turn in Your First Submission for Review

After amendments and improvements, and you feel confident that it is up to your satisfaction, you can submit the work for another review under the Articles for Creation (AFC). Remember that it may be rejected and use any feedback to improve your article.

5. Accept feedback

If your article for consideration did not in fact make the cut, worry not. Examine the comments below which indicate the biographies considered but not chosen. Feel free to update the work as suggested. If it was about sourcing, style, not having a point of view, or in the wrong format, do what you can to address that. Resubmit it when you have done the work that will be part of these expectations.

6. Interact with the Wikipedia Community

Engage with the Wikipedia community to have a clearer picture of the guidelines which are guaranteed for your Wikipedia page—better chances of getting it approved. Participate in discussion, ask advice from experienced contributors, or maybe even contribute a little to some articles on your own.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Lack of notability: Ensure that Wikipedia guidelines are met by having subject extensively covered by reliable sources.
  • Conflict of Interest: Do not write about topics in which personal or financial interests could introduce bias into the text.
  • Not Enough Sourcing: Use many independent sources to substantiate your article and build the notability of your subject.
  • Promotional Tone: Do not make the article read like a promotional piece. Wikipedia is not a place for promoting a topic.


Success in creating a Wikipedia page lies in the proper research to be done, the guidelines to be followed, and effective communication with the Wikipedia community. The rate of guaranteed success increases as you follow these steps and the possible pitfalls that can come your way. Patience and persistence is the key. Every change and resubmission gets you one step closer to your Wikipedia page being approved. With these instructions in your hands, you should be able to make and send in a Wikipedia page. Best of luck, and let’s hope that your effort will become another in the vast pool of perennial knowledge called Wikipedia!

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